Plastic and Carbon Components Painting

Standard coatings and details for plastic materials

A new state-of-the-art furnace cabin allows us to perform liquid painting on plastic and carbon materials.


When working with plastic or carbon materials, the product must be exposed to several processing steps before it can be painted.



It starts with a pre-treatment that is a degreasing of the surface with isopropyl alcohol. 
In case the product surface requires it, we carry out a flaming process.
Both processes are used to prepare the support and optimize the painting cycle.



Subsequently the product passes to the deionization through the blowing with deionizing gun.


We proceed to the primer application, selected according to the type of plastic support.



Finally we proceed with the actual painting, which can be made to obtain standard finishes as well as particular finishes (ultra matt, soft touch, chrome line, liquid steel, thermo and sensitive photos, corten, brushed metal, craquelé).


Pad Printing

We also perform tamponing services if the customer requests it. Pad printing is a particularly versatile technique, suitable for the industrial sector, which can be performed on small objects where precision becomes essential, as on large objects, for example logos or texts that are extremely visible and recognizable, even in multiple colours.

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